Product Review: Makita AN453 Roofing Coil Nailer For Roof Repair Orlando

Makita AN453 Roofing Coil Nailer

Pneumatic nail guns for roof repair Orlando come in two styles—the coil and stick types. Coil nailers have adjustable canisters that accept coiled nails while the stick type have long magazines that can load two sticks of nails.

We reviewed one of the pneumatic coil nailers readily-available in the market, the Makita AN453 Roofing Coil Nailer, and evaluated its performance based on what its manufacturer states against actual customer review.

What the Manufacturer Says

The Makita AN453 coil nailer is designed for rugged construction and robust performance at less weight. It is equipped with a magazine that has a capacity to hold up to 120 nails with a size range of 3/4 to 1-3/4 inches.

The lightweight and durable aluminum casing ensures the long-lasting performance of the product. The canister is fully adjustable for easy loading of nail sticks. To provide better control while driving nails to the roof, the product was manufactured with a tool-less depth adjustment and flush nailing. To further extend the tool’s performance life, the nosepiece comes with large carbide inserts.

Other features of the Makita coil nail gun include:

  • Rubberized handle for more reliable grip and extra comfort
  • Tool-less shingle guide for consistent placement of nails and easy adjustments
  • Steel plates to prevent damage from abrasive surfaces
  • Easily-removable nose assembly for cleaning
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Lightweight at 5.2 lbs but packing more power
  • A limited three-year warranty
  • Package includes a hex wrench, pneumatic nailer oil and safety goggles

What the Customers Say

Buyers’ feedback on the use of the product is mixed. On the negative side, some customers complained that the product was not built with quality because of some irregularities in the shape of the metal casing. Misfires including double nailing were noted as well as failure to sink the flush nails. Users do not recommend using the tool for a complete roof project because the product is more suited for a DIY rather than a commercial project.

Another negative performance noted by users is the inability of the tool to consistently sink nails while doing rapid firing. The nailer has to be held down on each nail before triggering the tool for the nails to properly sink in.

Positive customer review cites that nails load easily while the installed magnet ensures even the last nail gets properly fed. The depth adjuster is easy to use by turning the knob to the proper direction. Using rapid fire trigger is not a problem through the depth adjuster and additional tinkering with the compressor pressure.

What We Say

Based on customer feedback, we say the product is suitable for home use and DIY roofers. It functions as a reliable home tool but is not recommended for commercial and large-scale use.

DIY or Roof Repair Orlando Experts?

Roof Repair Colorado

Many home renovation projects can be accomplished by homeowners without engaging the services of professional contractors. In fact, many people today prefer to do by themselves home improvement tasks that are not too complicated or dangerous to leave to professionals.

Roofing projects require substantial investment of your time and money in order to complete. Since roof is the first defense of your house against the weather, roofing requires precise installation of the parts in order for it to function as it was intended. Before deciding whether to do-it-yourself (DIY), or leave the installation or fixing to roof repair Orlando experts, consider these things first:

Advantages of DIY Repair

  • Doing the job yourself gives you absolute control over the time that you actually perform the repairs and timetable when to finish the project. This arrangement works great if the days and hours of construction work matter to you and your family. Since you are in control of your time, you gain flexibility in schedule that you can take advantage of especially if you have to do other equally-important tasks during the period of repair.
  • You have total control over your work and the result of your roof project. Since you will be performing the actual work itself, every detail of the repair is subject to your direction and management.
  • You can save a lot money if you perform the repair yourself. Costs for contractors constitute a significant part of roof repair budget, which when computed on top of your expenses in buying roofing materials could add to a hefty amount.

Advantages of Roof Repair Orlando Professionals

  • If you do not have the required tools for roof repairs, you will incur additional expenses buying these tools and equipment. Money you spend for these hardware pushes up your budget even more. On the other hand, contractors are already properly-equipped for roofing jobs.
  • Some product warranties demand proper installation of the roofing materials. You could void these warranties if you are not familiar with the proper way of installing these materials.
  • Roof repairs, similar to other home construction projects, require expertise, extensive manual labor and certain degree of physical strength. If you do not possess these attributes, perhaps it is better to leave these kinds of work to the experts.
  • Roof repair demands extensive time to complete especially if you do it yourself. You have to commit your time to performing the work. Sometimes, hiring professionals to do the job is more practical than attempting to do it yourself. The income opportunity that you lost while doing the repair could be more than the cost of hiring professionals.