Why Everyone Wants to Move to Texas

Texas is experiencing a huge number of new residents. It’s not because everyone suddenly fell in love with ten-gallon hats. This is the state of opportunity. Let’s take a look at five big reasons why everyone is now moving to the biggest state in the US.

  1. An Enormous Economy

Texas has the second biggest economy of all the states, lagging only behind California. If Texas was a country, it would have an economy the same size as Canada. And it’s not just because of oil, which we’ll talk about later. The economy means opportunity in a number of sectors because businesses are flocking here.

  1. One of the Big Sustainable Oil Fields

Texas has made a big contribution to driving the US to the top. The US now has more oil than Iran and Russia, and Texas is one of the biggest contributors to this. Helping it along is fracking. This new method of extracting natural resources, from areas like the Eagle Rock Formation, has allowed Texas to drive production and maintain those levels of production.

Again, this makes it wealthy and it means there’s a big demand for engineers, executives, marketing experts, and more.

  1. Real Estate Prices

Believe it or not, real estate isn’t as expensive as you might think. There’s a lot of available space. Real estate can be expensive in the heart of Dallas and Houston, naturally, but if you move outside of these major hubs of Texas you can pick up some real bargains. Areas like Dripping Springs are being snapped up fast.

But this is only going to last so long. It’s why Texas is seeing a huge spike in immigrants right now.

  1. Low Unemployment

We’ve already talked a lot about how rich Texas is. The Lone Star State can also thank its low unemployment rate for this. Texas has an unemployment rate that’s lower than the rest of the US, Canada, Australia, and the entire Eurozone. And it’s not just the unemployment rate that’s impressive, it’s the fact that it just keeps dropping.

One of the most prominent reasons for people moving to Texas is work.

  1. No Income Taxes

https://rusbank.net/offers/microloans/Nobody likes handing their hard-earned money over to Uncle Sam. Residents coming from places like California and New York are used to high-income taxes as a fact of life. Texas is a culture shock because it’s one of only seven states that has no income taxes at all. You’ll pay precisely zero.

And taxes are low across the board. Taxes on gas, for example, are low, so it’s easy to get around without paying a lot of money.

Final Thoughts – Texas is the Way

If prosperity and chasing the American Dream is your goal, then give Texas a chance. It’s one of the most prosperous nations, like California, but without the high cost of living, as in the case of California. Texans say that’s why the Lone Star State is the greatest of all states.

Take a look at Texas and see if you agree!