Practical Tips From Roofers Denver to Keep Your Roof Cool This Summer

roofers denver summer tips

Summer is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when we finally take out those miniskirts, sunglasses, skateboards, and tank tops. The time when we had to curl up in bed reading our favorite books or watching reruns of old videos is over.

Going outdoor and soaking in the sun’s light after all those cold winter months staying indoors feel wonderful. Feeling the heat of the sun on our skin is rejuvenating. However, the summer heat can be harsh not only on our body but also on our roofs. They need as much protection from the heat as we do.

We compiled some practical tips from roofers Denver that will help you keep your home cool this summer, which in turn keep you and your family comfortable during this hot period of the year.

Use the Right Shingles. Asphalt shingles work best in keeping the heat away from your home by their reflective coating. Manufacturers of asphalt shingles use special granules as coating on the shingles to better reflect sunlight. Other materials used to make shingles such as polymer, metal and wood may also be coated to give them better reflective quality.

Shingles work best in reflecting the sun’s heat for steeped roofs but are less effective on low-sloped roofs. Buying a cool shingle with white-coated granules costs just about the same as the standard shingles with dark asphalt granules.

Use Metal Roofs. If you have a choice, use metal for your roofing material. It is reflective even on its natural state without any paint. Since it may hold heat when exposed to the sun, metal roof is better suited for use in steeped roofs instead of flat or low-sloped roofs. You can further minimize the heat by using a cool roof or a metal roof coated with white color that reflects more of the sun’s heat than darker shades.

Plant Trees. Strategically-located trees provide shade to your home against the sun. Plant one near your home to give you that shade and extra cooling breeze during the hot summer months. Do not plant too near your house as to create problems for your gutters with its fallen leaves and dried-up branches.

Observe Proper Ventilation. Optimize the use of ventilation to keep your roof cool. Use insulation, soffit, fascia, ridge vent and barrier to maintain proper ventilation and keep your roof and house cool.

Paint Your Roof White. One of the easiest and most economical ways of keeping your roof cool. White roofs significantly prevent the absorption of heat by the roof and its penetration into the interior of the house.

Use a Mist Cooling System. Spray a small amount of water on a hot roof and watch the water evaporates along with the heat. A more sophisticated system utilizes sensors to monitor roof temperature and trigger the right amount of water.