Common Roof Repair Denver Accidents That You Should Avoid

denver roofing accident

Working on the roof is not an easy task. The job requires balance, skill, concentration and absence of fear of heights. Accidents can happen at any time to anybody, which may result to serious injuries or loss of life. Below are some of the common roof repair Denver accidents that could occur at work.

1. Falls

Fall from high places is a common cause of accident for roofers. These invariably result to injuries and sometimes deaths. Working on a steep slope roofing accounts for more injuries from falls than those working on a low slope roofing.

A major contributor to falling accidents among roofers is the failure to observe a proper fall protection system. Accidents and fatigue also play important roles in falls from roofing work.

The nature of injuries sustained from falls vary depending upon the circumstances such as the height of elevation, the ground surface and parts of the body that hit the ground. The most common injuries sustained by roofers from falls are:

  • Broken Bones

    Broken bones are the direct result of fall from a high place. As most professional roofers manage to land on their feet after accidentally falling, broken legs and ankles are very common.

  • Back Injuries

    A fall can cause back injuries, particularly when the roofers fall and land on their backs. However, it is not the only cause of back injuries. Carrying heavy objects such as tool boxes, paint containers and ladders may also be the causes.

2. Heat Injuries

Working outdoors on the roof leaves many roofers susceptible to heat-related injuries such as heat stroke, exhaustion and sunburn. These are serious risks and should never be taken lightly by anyone working on the roof exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Repetitive Motion Injuries

Persons doing the same motion at work are apt to suffer from repetitive motion injuries. These include constant hammering of nails and cutting through steel objects with saws. The best known injury under this category is the Carpal Tunnel, which affects even those typing on their computers for several hours.

4. Puncture Wounds

This type of injury is very common in the construction industry where nails, screws and other sharp tools and implements are normally used. Usual culprits for sustaining these injuries are unknowingly stepping on nails, falling to upturned nails and careless use of hammers.

5. Equipment-Caused Injuries

. Roofers use dangerous tools and equipment when repairing roofs such as lifts, cranes, saw, hammer and nail guns. Negligence or improper use of these tools can cause severe injuries to roofers.