What are the Best Roofing Shoes?

roofing shoes

Wearing the right safety gear while doing construction work is important. You face the risk of injury if you are not properly attired for the task. Equipping yourself with the right outfit should substantially minimize if not completely eliminate some of the dangers associated with your work.

Choosing the right shoes while doing roofing work is important because you are working on an elevated area where falling to the ground and sustaining injuries are possible. A pair of shoes that will keep you securely on the roof will make roofing jobs easier and safer.

Special Shoes for Roofing Work

Using ordinary sneakers while doing roofing work is not recommended. Since roofers have to go up on the roof with heights exceeding several feet above the ground, you need to wear shoes that could protect you from dangerous falls by preventing accidental slips.

Qualities of a Good Pair of Roof Shoes

Good roofing shoes should be able to offer the following advantages to the wearer:

  • Comfort to the feet
  • Safety while working on the roof
  • Prevent damage to the roof
  • Extended stay on the roof

In selecting a good pair of roofing shoes, we recommend looking for these qualities before buying any product:

  • Suitable for all types of weather by providing protection to the feet against both heat and cold
  • Protected shoe lacing design against welding sparks
  • High-quality rubber soles that afford superior grip and traction on roof surface
  • Adaptability for use on different roofing materials and surfaces
  • Insulation against electrical shocks

There are several roofing shoes and boots in the market that you can choose from if you are to engage in serious roofing work. Each one has its own distinct qualities and style. Among the more popular products are the following:

1. Cougar Paws

One of the most popular roofing shoes and boots are Cougar Paws. These shoes are designed specifically for roofers. They come with removable pads designed to prevent damage to roofing materials.

2. Timberland

Considered one of the best roofing shoes because of their toughness and ability to withstand demanding roof work. The thick rubber sole ensures gripping action on most roof surfaces.

3. Thorogood

These shoes are made from sturdy leather and maintain their looks even after grinding roof work. Designed to last through years of hard labor, these shoes also provide comfort to the wearer.

4. Red Wing

These shoes offer both comfort and protection to the feet. Durable leather materials are used to create the shoes so that it could withstand tough working conditions on the roof.