Why You Should Put Skylights in Your Seattle Roofing

skylights in seattle roofing

Seattle roofing skylights are indispensable features of some buildings. They are usually incorporated into the design of the structure and harmonize with the overall style.

Skylights are parts of the roof made from different materials, usually plastic or glass, which allow natural light to enter the structure, but keep the elements (rain and snow) out. They may also be installed on walls or sides of the building.

Benefits of Having Skylights in Seattle Roofing

1. Saves Money

The best benefit of having skylights is saving money since you will be reducing your need to turn on the electricity and gas. With plenty of sunshine coming into the building, there is no need to use electricity to light a room during the day. You will also minimize the use of gas heaters because sunlight adds heat to the room, therefore reducing electricity consumption from the use of heaters.

2. Lowers Energy Consumption

Natural light always provides better illumination within a building. Skylights allow daylight to enter the structure, thereby minimizing the need for additional lighting and energy use. Turning on the light switch is not necessary during daytime when the sun’s natural light can enter the building through the skylights.

3. Preserves the Environment

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable and renewable source of energy. More utilization of this energy source means less dependence on fossil fuels (such as coals, natural gas and crude oil) to generate power, and it produces zero carbon emissions. Skylights are actually consistent with the present trend to construct “green” houses that rely more on the environment to reduce our over-reliance on electricity to heat or cool a building.

4. Increases House Value

Skylights enhance the aesthetic quality of a house and make it more appealing to homeowners and buyers. Its positive effects on energy-saving will also increase the value of the property. You will easily recoup, directly or indirectly, any investment that you put into your house.

5. Benefits Health

Studies have shown that natural light or daylight contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of individuals. A person is said to become more alert and productive when exposed to natural lights. Artificial sources of light are not shown to have the same effects on our bodies.

6. Provides Better Ventilation

A venting skylight allows air to enter the house and acts as a passive air conditioner. Warm air is drawn up into the skylight similar to a chimney or exhaust vent, creating a cooling effect inside the house.