Types of Gutters Comparison: Seamless Gutters Over Sectional Gutters

seamless types of gutters

Gutters were originally available in sections or pieces that are joined together and sealed to prevent leaks. New technology spawned the seamless gutters consisting of a single piece of material and installed as one unit.

Seamless gutters have distinct benefits over sectional gutters. The comparison between the benefits of the mentioned types of gutters are listed below:

Eliminates Leakage

The superiority of seamless gutters over sectional gutters is best exemplified by their ability to prevent leaks. In this, seamless gutters perform much better than sectional ones. Since joints on seamless gutters are found only around corners and downspouts, water leaks are eliminated. Even the best sectional gutters employ seals on joints, which will eventually wear away over time and continuous exposure to heat and cold.

Less Maintenance

The joints or seams at the bottom of sectional gutters create ridges where debris eventually forms. Twigs, leaves and dirt accumulate on this area and may lead to clogging. Other problems arise because of debris in gutters. Critters, birds and pests normally go into gutters while weeds can go up walls and into adjoining houses. To prevent and remedy these issues, you will have to observe a regular maintenance schedule.

This problem is avoided with the use of seamless gutters. Chances for debris and other dirt to accumulate and clog the gutters are greatly minimized. If you have a seamless gutter, you will be performing less work and maintenance on your roof unlike sectional gutters.

Assured Quality

Since your roof has to be accurately measured before installation of seamless gutters, the latter fit perfectly well once made. The quality of workmanship is also assured because it is performed by professionals who knew their jobs, unlike in sectional gutters where homeowners with inadequate knowledge on proper gutter installation could undertake to do the work themselves.

More Appealing

Sectional gutters, with their unsightly joints and fasteners, are behind seamless gutters when it comes to aesthetics.

Diverse Style

A wide variety of materials are available for use in seamless gutters including aluminum, steel and copper. They also come in various colors so that you can choose the best one to complement the color and style of your house. Seamless gutters do not require repainting because they are produced with baked or enamel finish.

More Value for Your Money

While they cost more than sectional gutters, seamless gutters pay for themselves in the long run with low maintenance and repair costs. Not only will you save money but also time and efforts in repairing or replacing damage-prone sectional gutters.