Gutters San Antonio Choices: Metal or Plastic Type?

gutters san antonio

A rain gutter is a basic feature found in practically every house. It is installed just below the eaves and collects rainwater from the roof. It connects to a downspout where water is directed to the ground.

Different materials are used to construct gutters San Antonio such as metal and plastic. Metal gutters could be made of aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and specialized metals including copper penny aluminum and lead-coated copper. Broadly speaking, we can categorize gutters as either metal or plastic.

Choosing which type of gutter to use in your San Antonio residence could be confusing, so we listed below basic information to assist homeowners in deciding which one is best for their homes.

Characteristics of Metal Gutters

  1. Metal gutters are very durable and strong compared to plastics. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and last a long time.
  2. Plastic gutters do not fare well against ultraviolet (UV) light exposure unlike metal ones. They become brittle with time, their rubber seals and brackets weaken and their joints could break resulting to water leakage.
  3. Some metal gutter types, such as stainless steel and zinc, could be disassembled and cleaned if necessary.
  4. Metal gutters can adopt to fluctuations in temperature better than plastic gutters. They can contract and expand depending on weather conditions unlike plastics, which eventually deform permanently if subjected to repeated extreme temperatures.
  5. New technology spawned the seamless metal gutters, which effectively eliminate erosion of screws and bolts on joints. Leakage is no longer an issue.

Characteristics of Plastic Gutters

  1. They are flexible compared to metal gutters and do not lose their shapes when bent. Metal gutters, while flexible in a sense, lose their shapes and distort when strong pressure is applied and tend to twist and dent much easier.
  2. You can easily modify plastic gutters to suit the design of your home. PVCs, made from molded plastic, are highly adaptable in terms of their colors and shapes. You can order a customized plastic gutter system designed specifically to match the dimensions of your home but it will be priced higher than standard units.
  3. PVC gutters cost less than metal gutters and are easier to install. The price of plastic gutters are cheaper than metal ones and their installation costs are also less expensive. DIY practitioners will find these their ideal material.
  4. Plastic gutters are also strong like the PVC gutters, which are molded and sold as one continuous unit. They have no issue with corrosion because they have no paint or seams.

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What is an Appropriate Roof Cover For Roofing San Antonio?

roof cover in roofing san antonio

The roofing San Antonio system comprises several distinct but interrelated components such as insulation, cover boards, roof deck, vapor/air retarder and substrate boards. While each part has its own function and purpose, they are intended to work together.

A roofing system takes into account the different roofing components, each of which cannot be valued solely on its own merit. These varying parts are created to have synergistic effects on the overall system, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the whole. Failure of a component to function the way it was meant to inevitably leads to premature roof system failure.

The last component of a roofing system is the roof cover or the waterproofing membrane built to protect the roofing San Antonio system from rain, snow, bird, insect, rooftop use, critter and other elements that threaten the safety of the system.

Different conditions and climates call for various roof cover types. There is no single roof cover that is appropriate for all conditions and places. Most roof failures are a result of inappropriate use of roof cover or installation of individual components. To select the right roof cover, the following criteria should be considered:

Factors in Determining the Type of Roof Cover

  1. Purpose of the roof. Some roofs receive regular foot traffic and other human activities. Others are used as storage area for relatively heavy equipment.
  2. Geographic and climate conditions such as mountains, hills, seacoast, ice, snow, hail, amount and intensity of rainfall, open plains and local weather.
  3. Local building rules and regulations, including fire and wind requirements.
  4. Building design. The roof cover must integrate into the overall building design to be effective otherwise it may not function properly.
  5. Compatibility with other materials, including the substrate and adhesives used on the roof.
  6. Interaction with adjacent buildings and their designs.
  7. Environmental and energy considerations in accordance with local codes and rules.
  8. The structural system of the entire building.
  9. Future plans of the building owners. They may want their roof to go beyond providing mere roof insulation. Some homeowners prefer to have green or cool roof design while others prioritize energy savings. Future resale of the property is also taken into consideration in selecting a roof cover.
  10. Internal factors affecting the building such as occupancy volume, interior temperature management, interior building pressure management and relative humidity.

DIY: How to Successfully Install Skylights in Roofing San Antonio


Skylights in roofing San Antonio present many concrete benefits not only to the aesthetic appeal of the house but also to its occupants. With more daylight coming into the structure through the skylights, less energy is needed to illuminate the rooms because natural light does the job well.

Installing your own skylights in a San Antonio roofing is not difficult. While it requires basic knowledge of construction, it is doable. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to install skylights. The procedure may vary for different roof designs and materials but the general method is similar.

1. Cutting the opening

Once you identified the exact location where to put your skylight, drive a deck screw through the roof on every corner of the opening. Go to the roof and use a chalk line between the screws as guide. Use a circular saw to cut through the roof as outlined by the chalk line.

2. Flashing the Sill

Stick a strip of membrane across the edge of the opening. Cut the membrane and fold the top inch of the strip cover on the sill.

3. Placing the Skylight

Have a helper assist you in lifting the skylight through the opening to the roof. Once you have a secured hold of the skylight, carefully lower it to the roof by resting its bottom edge against the sill. Drive nails through the holes in the skylight flange and into the roof.

4. Sealing the Skylight

Wrap the bottom part of the skylight flange with a strip of membrane. Do the same for the top part of the skylight frame. Next do the same for the side flanges.

5. Flashing the Bottom

Cover the bottom membrane with roofing shingles, using nails to put them in place. A seal on the nails will be created by the membranes. Put a U-shaped sill flashing on the shingles and secure it at the bottom part of the skylight. Do not forget to put shingles on the exposed sides of the skylight.

6. Flashing the Sides

Cover the sill flashing with an L-shaped step flashing. Drive nails on the top and a little below that. Place shingles on top of the flashing, add another layer of flashing on top. Do this on both sides of the skylight.

7. Counter-flashing the Sides

Use counter-flashing to cover the vertical legs of the step flashing. Counter-flashing is important to keep wind-driven snow and rain from penetrating the skylight.

8. Saddle Flashing

Remove the shingles above the skylight and slit an opening on the underlying membrane. Slip the saddle flashing through the slit and fit it on the top of the skylight. Drive nails through the flashing to keep it in place. Restore the shingles on top.