Eternabond Roofseal

Any home or apartment owner can sympathize with the frustrations of a leaky roof. Whether the leaks spring after a bad storm, too much snow, or simply an old roof, a leaky roof can cost a building owner thousands of dollars in damage. Not to mention a leaky roof means an increase in drafts and a loss in heat. A house loses its insulation when the roof isn’t secure. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Eternabond Roofseal is a product that will take all of the hassle out of a leaky roof.  If the leak is more than a small leak contact Sugar Land roofing to fix the leak quick to prevent further damage to your home.

This product is created for the purpose of patching up a leaky roof. It’s compatible with nearly any roof type, from EPDM to TPO to hypalon and most PVC. In addition, it will adhere to all metals, including copper and coated metals, as well as tile and wood and concrete. It’s a versatile material created for use in any situation, excellent for any job.

Resembling duct tape and coming in several different colors, this liquid rubber roof product allows a user to patch up any tear or leak in a roof or other material. Not only is it good for roofs, but it’s also suitable for floors and any other materials. The long list of materials the product is compatible with has already been mentioned, and proves that it’s good for everything from bathroom repairs to kitchen repairs to roof repairs.

The product contains a patented MicroSealant primer which causes it to adhere completely to any surface. It can withstand elements from the blizzards of New England to the blistering humidity of Florida. This makes it a perfect solution for any region. You can also place the product over roof seams and never need to do maintenance again. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and UV rays – in fact, they’ve proven not to weather even after nineteen years in the sun!

This product is a dream come true for anybody who needs to patch up leaks or tears anywhere in their home. Though it’s created specifically for roofs, with an ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and lack a need for maintenance for years, it can also be used to patch up sinks or pipes.

Most traditional roof repairs will empty a person’s pockets completely. The cost to replace a roof can be astronomical. Many people believe that a leaky roof will need to be replaced completely, and they let it continue draining their insulation and causing drafts for years. But this headache and hassle doesn’t need to happen with the advent of this product. It’s a modern day sealant that uses innovative technology to bring any roof into the twenty-first century.

Check a roof replacement calculator to see how much money you can save by investing in Eternabond Roofseal. The product will save headache and hassle for any homeowner. When looking to install this fantastic product, look into roof repair companies in your area. Their experts will know how to safely install the product and repair a roof to ensure your safety and a long life for your roof.

How to Install Rubber Roofing

There are definite characteristics that every person should look for in roofing. Among the most important are ease in maintenance, durability, and affordability. When faced with these concerns, the right decision nine times out of ten is rubber roofing. This material provides a sound investment in addition to easy installation. The following will provide an insight into how to install rubber roofing and will give you the tools that you need to put a system in place that can be relied upon.

Money Matters

Rubber roofing cost is much lower when compared to that of traditional asphalt shingles or other conventional materials. On top of this advantage is the fact that a rubber roof is extremely durable. When compared with the average lifespan of most roofing materials, a rubber will perform better and deliver more for your money. If you are considering learning how to install rubber roofing, then the benefits that are set to come your way are undeniable. Homeowners testify again and again to the advantages in roofing that this material puts on their side. It is not only the cost of new roof materials that causes them to love this material, it is the ease of installation, the efficiency that comes with the process, and the pride in taking back control of this most vital element of their home that sways their decision.

Consider It an Investment

When you learn how to install rubber roofing on your own, you virtually take the cost of a roofing estimate out of the equation for a new roof. The only time you can expect any expense outside of rubber roofing materials will be when it comes time for repairs. Because you have chosen rubber as your roofing material, these times will be far and in between. A rubber roof allows you to control internal environments with ease and is not susceptible to the same kinds of degradation that asphalt and wooden shingles fall prey to. When you consider an investment into any type of structure, rubber roofing should be one of the primary elements that give you an advantage.

Rubber roofing is much lighter than any other material that is commercially available. It is also Eco-friendly due to the fact that the rubber shingles are typically composed of recycled materials. This reduces costs and reduces the impact that you are making on the environment. Rubber is much more flexible than any conventional material, making your roof less susceptible to damage from contradiction and expansion with extreme fluctuations in temperature. Even repairs that must be done will come with longer warranties due to the strength of the material that you are using.

Put It In Place

Installing a rubber roof does not depart drastically from normal roofing installation. The only real requirement is that you strip the roof down to its plywood base. From here, you simply measure for vents and the roof dimensions. Prepare your adhesive, clean the surface, and you are ready to begin. Each shingle will be an addition that adds to the final, aesthetically-pleasing how to install rubber roofingroof of which you have always dreamed. This material works on any slant and any type of roof, commercial or residential. Each shingle is nailed into its proper row and seams only require the addition of latex tape or sealant in order to create a flawless seal.

More Benefits

You can also take additional steps that will drastically the need for maintenance over time. Rubber roofing possesses the unique quality of being able to sustain rubber coating systems. These products can be spread over the entire surface of the roof in order to create yet another protective barrier. The chances of needing roof repair are severely lessened over time.

Elastomeric Paint Application on Roofs

When paint begins wearing off the surfaces it is on, the structure underneath will often crack. This is especially true with wood and stucco. Stone and metal can also crack, and any exposed metal may become rusty over time.  Another type of material that is notorious for cracking is T-111 siding. Some people try to fill cracks with caulk, paint or other substances. However, the underlying damage still exists. The ideal solution is to prevent that damage in the first place. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use elastomeric paint. It is also known as rubberized paint, because it leaves a rubbery surface that is tough and water resistant.

What Is Elastomeric Paint

This type of paint is very thick and has unique elongation capabilities, which means it can repair hairline cracks and bridge slightly larger ones. People who have stucco or wood surfaces that are cracked often choose this type of paint rather than replacing the cracked materials. With this type of paint, there is no need for many coats. Two coats over primer is enough to repair minor cracks and prevent water from entering. This form of paint is also long lasting. While a good acrylic paint may last about 10 years in favorable conditions, this form of coating will last much longer.

How Much Does It Cost?

As it is with anything of higher quality, the price will be reflective. In comparison with the cost of regular paint, this type costs about 50 percent more overall. The higher price is due to a smaller spread rate and the rising cost of paint per gallon. Although it is more expensive than most other paints used in or on a home, it does last longer and is not so expensive that it is not affordable.  It is one of the most favored rubber roofing materials, and is sometimes considered a liquid rubber roof compound. As metal roof paint, it stands up better to temperature changes and direct sunlight.  Over time, most paints crack in the sun or due to significant temperature changes. However, the elasticity in this type of coating that makes it unique also makes it more resistant to seasonal changes.

Many home and business owners consider this rubbery paint an investment. For example, a person could use this type of paint for about the same price as what it would cost to fill cracks and deal with peeling acrylic paint repeatedly for the same amount of time. It is also important to remember that peeling paint over a damaged surface will lead to further damage. Repeatedly repainting a surface that is cracked and eventually peels again will lead to quicker wear of the underlying material, which is far more expensive to replace than paint. Only an experienced professional should apply elastomeric paint to a surface. Coatings can be applied using rollers or airless sprayers. It is easy to see why so many people are choosing this type of paint.  In comparison with the best acrylic paint, it is durable enough that it can outperform any acrylic paint two to one.