Comparing Commercial Gutters and Residential Gutters

Commerical gutters

Gutters, regardless of material or style, serve the same purpose—they drain your roof by collecting rainwater and directing them to the ground through downspouts.

While their function is basically the same, commercial gutters and residential gutters are treated differently and have, in fact, different requirements. These are the similarities and differences between the two gutter types:

Property Type

As their names imply, residential gutters are installed on residential properties while commercial gutters are used in commercial buildings.

Legal Aspect

A basic difference between these gutters lies in the way buildings or properties are classified by their municipalities. Unlike residential houses, commercial buildings are covered by more rules and regulations that affect the installation or function of gutters.

For instance, some local codes may require the gutters to be made from certain materials or of a certain size. Local rules may also specify how rainwater is discharged to avoid creating hygiene or cleanliness issues or prevent overwhelming the sewer and eventually affecting other establishments around the area. The local requirements for your building size should be known by your commercial gutter company, including other regulations applicable in the area.

Styles and Sizes

Gutters come in different sizes and styles. The more popular styles are the K-style and the box gutters. Box gutters, which can hold more water than the K-style of similar size, have wide commercial applications. The shape provides more protection for commercial buildings with larger roof area. A drawback of a box gutter is its tendency to collect debris, although this problem is mitigated because commercial buildings do not usually have tall trees above them.

The most common sizes for gutters are the five-inch width and the six-inch width. Residential houses usually have five-inch size gutters while commercial buildings, with a greater volume of water to handle, require the larger six-inch size gutters.


Both commercial and residential gutters are made from the same kinds of materials, which are normally galvanized steel or aluminum. Some residential houses use vinyl and copper as materials for their gutters, which is rarer for commercial buildings. Vinyl is reasonably-priced and a first choice among homeowners with tight budget. Copper gutters, on the other hand, are preferred more for their aesthetic value than function.


Despite being treated differently by local laws, commercial and residential gutters function exactly alike. Both are designed to carry runoff water, melted ice or snow from the roof to the sewage system and away from the building’s foundation to avoid damaging it.

How to Create a Rainwater Harvesting and Collection System in Miami Roofing

rainwater collection

Rainwater is free. Every time it rains you are looking at free water that you could use for a variety of purposes including gardening and cleaning your porch.

Creating a rainwater harvesting and collection system in Miami roofing is easy and cheap. Here’s how you do it:

Collection Area

Your Miami roofing acts as your collection area since that is the place where rain falls without getting absorbed by the ground. Knowing exactly how much rainwater your roof collects requires a complex calculation and is unnecessary for our purpose. Just keep in mind that the average roof of 25 foot by 40 foot collects around 600 gallons of water for an hour of one-inch rainfall.

Transportation System

The transportation system consists of the gutters and downspouts on the edges of the roof. The type of material the gutters and downspouts are made of is not material; what matters is the size. Both parts have to be large enough to hold and transport the water from the roof. In most houses today, gutters come in either 5 or 6 inch-wide size with attached downspouts having a diameter of 3 to 4 inches. The larger the roof, the bigger the gutters and downspouts should be.

Do not forget to install covers at the top of downspouts to keep falling leaves and debris out, which could block the flow of water down to the receptacles below. Put fine mesh screen on the barrels to keep away mosquitos and other insects.

Storage Facility

This is the last part of our harvesting and collection system. Barrels work great in storing the water collected from the roof. You can find specially-designed barrels at local stores or online or you can customize an ordinary barrel yourself.

Place and connect the barrels to the downspouts nearest to the place of your garden where you will be using the water most often. Clear away rocks and dirt from the area that is large enough to accommodate the barrels. Dig a 4 to 5-inch deep rectangle and fill it with around one-half to one-fourth inch of pea gravel. This creates a drainage around the area to keep water away from the foundation of the house.

Place concrete blocks on top of the pea gravel to create a raised platform on which to place the barrels. The higher the barrels are placed, the stronger the water pressure will be. Connect the barrels using hoses attached to each other at the sides. The more barrels you install, the more water you can store.

Proper Way of Gutter Cleaning Seattle

cleaning gutter

Gutters help protect your home by collecting rainwater on the roof and routing it to the ground through the downspout. In doing so, gutters prevent water damage to your house.

Rainwater will overflow on a clogged gutter and pour over the side of your house resulting to potential damage to windows, doors, siding and foundations. To prevent water damage from a clogged gutter and avoid expensive repairs that could reach thousands of dollars, regularly clean your gutter to keep them debris-free.

We outlined a simple guide for you to follow in gutter cleaning Seattle:

Things You Will Need For Your Work

  • Work or Rubber Gloves
  • Sturdy Extension Ladder
  • Garden Hose
  • Plumber’s Snake
  • Trowel or Gutter Scoop
  • Bucket or Plastic Tarp

Cleaning the Gutter

  1. Wear long-sleeved shirts and heavy work gloves to prevent injury to yourself especially your hands. Sharp objects or metal parts are often lodged inside a clogged gutter.
  2. Clean the roof of leaves and other debris before working on the gutter so that next time it rains, these potential clogging materials do not wash into the gutter, effectively doubling your work.
  3. Use a handy garden trowel to scoop out debris, dirt and leaves in the gutter. Start working at the drain outlet on the lowest portion of the gutter. The debris is easier to remove when it is damp and not dried or encrusted.
  4. Dump the debris on a bucket or plastic tarp to spare your lawn from dirt and avoid cleaning up later.
  5. After scooping out the dirt, wash the gutter using a garden hose. Clean the entire length of the gutter, this time working towards the drain outlet. Check the elbow of the gutter or curved portion of the downspout to make sure there are no clogs. For hard-to-remove encrusted dirt, you can use a stiff brush to scrub it off.
  6. If water still does not freely flow down the downspout and drain pipe, flush water down using a hose. For persistent dirt, use a plumber’s snake to remove the debris.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutter?

Clean your gutter at least once a year. A better option is to clean it twice a year preferably in spring and autumn. If you have overhanging trees near your roof, twice a year gutter cleaning is recommended. You should also clean your gutter after the occurrence of big storms. Dirt, leaves and other debris could have been blown into your gutter by the strong winds.

Why People Choose Stainless Steel Gutters in Seattle

steel gutters seattle

A roofing system does not last forever. Eventually, one or more of its components break down and need to be repaired for minor damage or totally replaced for major one. The degree of deterioration and time it takes before they need maintenance work depend to a large extent on the materials used for the part.

Take for example, the roof gutters Seattle. Gutters play an important function in the roofing system by collecting rainwater from the roof and directing it downward to the ground through a downspout or the more artistic rain chain. Because of its constant exposure to the elements, gutters eventually degrade.

Impeding to a certain degree, the deterioration of gutter is within the means of homeowners by choosing the right material used for making the gutter. Metal and plastic are two of the most common gutter materials today. People who prefer metal gutters do so for its durability and strength. Unfortunately, metals are prone to corrosion or rust. That is the reason why some homeowners choose stainless steel gutters for their homes.

Stainless steel is a term used to refer to the stainless quality of gutters. Stainless steel has anti-corrosive element, making them ideal for use in a variety of corrosive environments. This quality allows the gutter to remain stainless for years if not decades. Without the destructive corrosion to affect it, stainless steel gutters need not be replaced and will last a long time.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Gutters Seattle


They are practically indestructible. Stainless steel gutters are strong, durable and can take punishment from even the harshest elements. These two qualities – strength and durability – make stainless steel gutters an attractive option to most homeowners.


Since stainless steel can handle both hot and cold temperatures, it is the ideal gutter material for houses located in harsh climates and storm-prone areas.


They are shiny and look pleasing to the eyes. The shine coming from the stainless steel makes your gutter look always new despite having been installed for some time. Because of this quality, stainless steel gutters can add luster to and improve the aesthetic appeal of your homes.


They do not rust. This factor is perhaps the single most attractive quality of stainless steel gutters that cause people to select them for their homes. A distinguishing characteristic of stainless steel from other metals is its anti-corrosive property. One of the strongest reasons people choose stainless steel gutters over other metal gutters is its ability to resist rust or corrosion.

Gutters San Antonio Choices: Metal or Plastic Type?

gutters san antonio

A rain gutter is a basic feature found in practically every house. It is installed just below the eaves and collects rainwater from the roof. It connects to a downspout where water is directed to the ground.

Different materials are used to construct gutters San Antonio such as metal and plastic. Metal gutters could be made of aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and specialized metals including copper penny aluminum and lead-coated copper. Broadly speaking, we can categorize gutters as either metal or plastic.

Choosing which type of gutter to use in your San Antonio residence could be confusing, so we listed below basic information to assist homeowners in deciding which one is best for their homes.

Characteristics of Metal Gutters

  1. Metal gutters are very durable and strong compared to plastics. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and last a long time.
  2. Plastic gutters do not fare well against ultraviolet (UV) light exposure unlike metal ones. They become brittle with time, their rubber seals and brackets weaken and their joints could break resulting to water leakage.
  3. Some metal gutter types, such as stainless steel and zinc, could be disassembled and cleaned if necessary.
  4. Metal gutters can adopt to fluctuations in temperature better than plastic gutters. They can contract and expand depending on weather conditions unlike plastics, which eventually deform permanently if subjected to repeated extreme temperatures.
  5. New technology spawned the seamless metal gutters, which effectively eliminate erosion of screws and bolts on joints. Leakage is no longer an issue.

Characteristics of Plastic Gutters

  1. They are flexible compared to metal gutters and do not lose their shapes when bent. Metal gutters, while flexible in a sense, lose their shapes and distort when strong pressure is applied and tend to twist and dent much easier.
  2. You can easily modify plastic gutters to suit the design of your home. PVCs, made from molded plastic, are highly adaptable in terms of their colors and shapes. You can order a customized plastic gutter system designed specifically to match the dimensions of your home but it will be priced higher than standard units.
  3. PVC gutters cost less than metal gutters and are easier to install. The price of plastic gutters are cheaper than metal ones and their installation costs are also less expensive. DIY practitioners will find these their ideal material.
  4. Plastic gutters are also strong like the PVC gutters, which are molded and sold as one continuous unit. They have no issue with corrosion because they have no paint or seams.

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