Roofing Repair Product Review: iHandy Level for iOS

ihandy level

An accepted, unwritten rule in buying carpentry tools for roofing repair is to never choose the cheapest ones available. The old saying that you get what you pay for is surprisingly accurate when it comes to buying carpentry tools.

Spirit or Bubble Level

One of the basic carpentry tools that all self-respecting carpenters should have in their collection is the spirit level. A spirit level, also called by various names, including bubble level, carpenter level or simply level, is a device used to tell if a surface – usually the roof—is horizontal or vertical. The name “spirit level” comes from the fact that alcohols are often used inside the tube instead of water because of their low viscosity and surface tension, which allows the liquid to freely travel inside the tube and settle accurately with minimal interference.

A spirit level is a must-have tool for DIY enthusiasts. Its use is not limited to determining the horizontal level of a surface since it serves multiple uses too inside the house such as installing a TV set on the wall. The advent of mobile devices has seen the arrival of various mobile applications in the carpentry tools category. One such product is the iHandy Level for the iOS.

iHandy Level and its Uses

iHandy Level is a utility app designed to function the same way a spirit level does with the use of your mobile device. Its uses are practically unlimited, including using it for picture alignment, roof pitch calculation, home decoration, angle measurement, measuring the angles of slope or verticality of a wall or furniture and even the inclination of a car.

For more level accuracy, the developer suggests calibrating your mobile device before use. Calibration is very easy. Put your device in portrait mode on a flat surface and press calibrate. Next turn your phone 90 degrees clockwise and again press calibrate. Last, put it on its back against the surface and press calibrate. Your mobile device is ready to go.

High Customer Satisfaction

Customer review has so far been positive. One user believes ladies will love this app because it is very handy. Since women do not often carry tools in their bags except perhaps a tape measure, the iHandy Level could prove very useful when they happen to come across things they want to buy such as furniture. They could use the app to measure its horizontal level and not have to second-guess the measurements.

Another user boasts of how even and symmetrical his studio is by using iHandy Level, which lend an atmosphere of success and quality in his home while entertaining guests. A word of caution though for every user – putting your mobile device on risky positions to take measurements could result to unwanted fall and damage of your device.