Product Review: Makita 5007MGA Circular Saw for Roof Repair Houston

Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

Circular saw is a term associated by those in the woodworking industry and roof repair Houston as referring to a handheld electric saw used to cut woods and other materials. Circular saws are considered a basic tool that every roofer must have.

One of the best performers today in the circular saw category is the Makita 5007MGA Magnesium 7-1/4 inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake. People who used the product have nothing but praises for this extremely useful utility, and for good reasons.

The tool is probably one of the most refined circular saws for roof repair Houston in the market because of its seamless balancing of power, durability, weight and ease of use. We broke down its outstanding features to really get to know the product well.

Powerful Motor

The Makita Magnesium circular saw has a company-built 15 AMP industrial motor that generates a powerful 5,800 RPM. Despite the power packed by this handy utility, the product is relatively lightweight due to its magnesium components. To provide maximum productivity and by way of counter to its powerful motor, the 5007MGA includes an electric brake for quick stopping of the blades.

Ergonomic Design

The magnesium components enabled Makita to design a light but very durable circular saw to last even on the toughest jobs. The greater distance between the rear handle and the blade provides a better grip for users with gloves or larger hands. The larger distance between the blade and the housing affords a clearer view of the blade and measurement scale.

Ease of Use

Twin LED lights are integrated into the saw to provide better illumination in dimly-lit areas. The ducting is designed to blow dust away for the area being cut. The ergonomic handgrip minimizes fatigue and increases overall control over the drill.

Ultra-Coated Framing Blade

The Ultra-Coated Framing Blade with “M” shaped tooth, two-pointed tip and two 10º bevel faces are designed for a faster and cleaner cut. The carbide tips are intended for rough situations as when the drill comes into contact with a nail-embedded wood. The blade is ultra-coated to reduce heat for quicker cutting with the heat vents strategically situated to dispel heat faster for better performance.

With its enhanced features and superior design, the Makita Magnesium circular saw can be used not only for roofs but also on walls and floors. The product carries a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase.

Customers praise the durability of the product, its lightness compared to similar products, improved ergonomic features and power packed within the Makita 5007MGA Magnesium circular saw.