How to Shop Around for the Best Cost of Window Replacement

cost of window replacement

Replacing old windows do not come cheap. Unlike buying single unit improvements at home, you have to multiply the cost of each window by the number of windows you have in the house.

Before replacing existing windows, check first the condition of the window frames. If they are still sound and in good condition, then you can install replacement windows. However, if the frames are already rotten or out of shape, you have to replace them before installing new windows. The cost could increase up to 50% to 100%.

If you really must install new sets, here are useful tips to save you money:

1. Less is More

Remember that installing multiple windows at once will cost you less per window than installing just one window.

2. Getting Familiar

Check out the websites of large windows manufacturers to help you decide the best cost of window replacement for your home. They will help you identify the architectural style of your home and the window styles that suit it.

3. Windows Rating

Contractor-grade windows are priced lower than architectural grade ones. If you want to save money, get the contractor grade types.

4. Shop Around

Look for different sellers and never confine yourself to buying products offered by one authorized dealer. The store usually carries only one brand, which considerably limits your choices for other brands with cheaper prices.

5. Buy Standard Windows

Windows bought off-the-shelf cost less than windows customized to your needs such as upgrades, custom sizes, non-standard colors and glass types and hardware.

6. Extra Features Mean Extra Cost

If you do not need those extra features, then do not buy windows with these add-ons. They shoot up the price for things that you might not really need in the first place.

7. Big Names Big Prices

Well-known and big-name brands carry higher prices. You can buy the same type of windows at lower prices if you opt for lesser-known brand names.

8. Style Costs Money

Use common-styled windows such as fixed, sliders and double hung. They are cheap compared to stylish windows with circles, curves or hexagons.

9. Windows Material

Vinyl windows are widely available and by far the cheapest type there is. Fiberglass costs more than vinyl but is priced lower than wood windows. If the design of your house can accommodate vinyl windows, consider buying this instead of insisting on wood windows that are not only more expensive but may not harmonize with the overall design of your house.

10. Negotiate

There is always room for price negotiation. Never accept the first price quotation given by sellers. Always ask for discounts and make counter-offers of at least 20% less than the selling price. There are a lot of sellers and dealers willing to negotiate for the right price.