How to Prepare Your Roof for Storm in Atlanta


Atlanta, similar to other southeastern US cities, experiences abundant rainfall throughout the year. Although a direct hurricane hit is rare, the city is struck with several tropical storms of varying strengths.

Residents of Atlanta should always prepare their homes against storms since weather in the city can be unpredictable and disaster could strike anytime. Preparedness is the key to avoid serious damage to your homes, particularly the roof that bears the force of bad weather.

Preparing your roof against storm is not a last-minute task. Most preparations require work to be made weeks in advance of any impending storm in Atlanta. Failure to prepare could mean your roof tearing off and causing not only heavy damage to your property but also endangering the safety of your family. Consider these useful tips in preventing damage to your roof and avoiding costly repairs.

Seal Your Roof

Storms invariably bring a lot of water with them, which could damage your home if it manages to seep through. Prepare for the effects of storms by waterproofing your roof decks. You can use a sticky tape to seal seams on the deck. You can also use sticky membrane layering to cover the entire roof deck. An alternative but equally effective material is polyurethane foam.

Extra Strength Roof Shingles

Wind resistant roof shingles are available in the market that can withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour. These are specifically designed to stay in place during storms and not fly off from the strong winds, thus protecting your home and keeping it safe and dry.

Reinforce your Roof Deck

Roof decks are very vulnerable to bad weather. In fact, your roof deck may not be properly fastened to the trusses and rafters in such way as to withstand the strong winds that accompany storms. To make sure that your roof decks stay in place even during extremely bad weather, use strong adhesives to bond the deck to the trusses and rafters in addition to the common nail fasteners.

Use Straps and Clips

In standard home construction, trusses and rafters are normally fastened directly to the top plates of the structure. During a storm or hurricane, however, this method is not enough to keep your roof in place. The intense winds will rip your roof off your house dealing extensive damage to your home. You can prevent this by reinforcing the roof using metal straps and clips to secure the trusses and rafters to the structure.