How to Easily Install a Mobile Home Roofing

mobile home roofing

Installing your own mobile home roofing will save you a lot of money. It does not take highly-specialized skills to accomplish it. You will just have to equip yourself with the right tools and materials to be used in the installation.

The hardest part in the whole process is the removal of the old roofing material, and cleaning the roof of debris and dirt. Getting help from friends and paid labor is advisable to facilitate the removal. After that you can just follow a procedure on the best way to install a new roof on your mobile home.

Here is a simplified procedure in installing your new mobile home roof:

Step 1

Lay out the insulation on the entire length of the cleaned and scraped roof. Use a knife to cut off excess portion of the insulation. Seams can be sealed using a duct tape.

Step 2

Put furring strips (1 by 4 inches) on the length of the roof, about 2 feet apart. Locate the rafters on the roof and mark their location using chalk lines across the roof width. Feel around the surface of the roof to find the exact location of the rafters. Affix the furring strips to the rafters using a drill and 3½ inch-long deck screws.

Step 3

Cut the corrugated metal sheets to the correct size using a circular saw. Add an extra 8 inches for overhang after measuring the width of the roof. Position the metal sheet along the edge of the roof, but make sure there is an overhang of 4 inches on both sides. Use a drill and 3½-inch deck screws to fasten the metal sheet to the furring strips. Remember to place the foam closure strips on both sides of the metal sheets.

Step 4

In placing the metal sheets on the roof, you must overlap them in one direction only to prevent leaks. Each metal sheet has a mark on one edge. Put the edge without the mark on the edge of the next sheet with a mark. Insert the foam closure strips into the ends of each metal sheet. Do this until the whole roof is covered by metal sheets.

Step 5

To facilitate laying out the metal sheets, remove all vents from the roof including furnace vent. Put markers on the metal sheets where the vent holes would be and cut them out. Be sure to replace damaged rubber boots on all the vents to prevent water leaks. A neoprene rubber roof sealant is effective in caulking cracks and holes around the vents.

Step 6

Attach the gable trim on the ends of the roof and secure it using a drill and 3½-inch deck screws. You now have a new roof on top of your mobile home.