Guide To Copper Gutters Cost

Copper rain gutters are typically used in the restoration of homes to give them a classier look. Copper gutters are installed to show their natural beauty, and they are known to last upwards of 100 years. Roofing experts will confirm that copper gutters cost more than the widely used aluminium and galvanized steel gutters that are typically installed on homes. Copper is probably the most durable material for gutter systems because it is one of the stronger metals. Copper is suitable for just about any region, and it will never rust. Even though copper will never rust, it will oxidize over time and gradually change colors due to exposure from the elements unless it is treated.

Oxidization and Patina

Many homeowners may not like the transformation of colors that will occur as copper oxidizes. When first installed, copper gutters are golden and shiny. Unless they are treated, that look will only last for a couple of months before exposure to an acidic atmosphere causes the copper to change colors. The oxidization process causes copper to transition from a shiny metallic bronze to brown, then a darker brown, then a purplish color, until it eventually turns into a greenish color. When acidic moisture comes in contact with copper, a chemical reaction creates a green patina that adheres to the metal to form a surface that prevents any further oxidation. In order to retain the shinny bronze color, a sealant must be applied to copper before installation. There are sealants that are specifically designed to prevent copper oxidization.

A Gutter Versus a Gutter System

The cost of gutters is typically priced per linear foot, but that does not necessarily include the cost of installation. When determining the cost of installing a copper gutter system, you need to consider the price per linear foot of a copper gutter and also the cost of all other necessary components to complete a gutter system, such as downspouts, brackets, corner joints, end caps and gutter guards. If you are considering adding a copper gutter to an existing aluminium or steel system, you need to ensure that the compatibility issues associated with connecting unlike metals are addressed. Otherwise, you will need to consider the cost of installing a complete copper system.

When Metal Meets Metal

When differing metals come in contact with each other, corrosion occurs, and the resistance to corrosion is known as nobility. The least corrosion resistant metals have the greater nobility. Nobility is as measured by a galvanic number. When different metals come in contact with each other in the presence of an electrolyte, such as rainwater or highly acidic moisture from the air, the metal with the lowest galvanic number will deteriorate. Since copper has one of the highest galvanic numbers, other metals are not likely to cause it to deteriorate. However, copper will cause other metals to deteriorate and corrode unless a barrier is used to separate the metals. Barriers may include paints that are compatible with the different types of metal or gaskets applied with sealants

The Cost of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters cost range from $12 to $25 per linear square foot whereas aluminum and steel range from $3 to $8 per linear foot installed. There is also a faux-copper gutter that is about $9 per linear foot installed. Some roofers will cut copper gutters to measure and others will install gutters using sections of material. Unlike with aluminum sectional gutters that need to be sealed with a gutter sealant and then re-sealed at regular intervals to prevent leakage, sectional copper gutters need to be soldered together at the seams.

Gutter Clogging

Copper gutters, like all other types of gutters, are susceptible to clogging from leaves and other tree debris. You can pay to have a gutter cleaning service remove the debris from your gutter, or you can invest in gutter guards to prevent debris from gathering in your gutter in the first place. Gutter guards are optional components of a gutter system and they are usually priced separately from what copper gutters cost. Gutter guards require proper installation with materials that won’t cause rust and corrosion. Leaf guard reviews suggest that leaf guard is one of the more trusted sources of copper gutter guard installations.