EternaTile: Durable Tiles with Replaceable Solar Module


The rising number of people opting for green and cool roofs helped boost the popularity of solar power as an additional source of energy for residential and commercial buildings. Tapping the energy of the sun is possible through the use of solar panels commonly installed on roofs.

Finding a durable roofing material with integrated solar panels is not easy. Today we look at a versatile roof tile with integrated but replaceable solar panels—the EternaTile. The manufacturer aims to produce a durable roofing material with the functionality of solar panels for maximum benefits of an integrated roofing system.

The EternaTile

The EternaTile has a 50-mil proprietary cement-infused Geopolymer that is bonded to a foam for long-lasting finish. The tiles can be used on any roof with a slope of at least 3:12. The installation does not require approval from an engineer because the tiles are lightweight.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The product is one of the lightest, toughest and long-lasting roof systems in the market. It is designed to resist strong winds with speed that is greater than 250 mph. The tile does not crack, peel or chip even under extreme weather conditions. Non-edged objects categorized as “class-3” projectiles cannot damage the strong material. This quality makes the product an ideal roofing material for high-risk places or uninsurable areas.

The core consists of 3-lb to 4-lb polyurethane closed cell foam with thickness of 2.5 inches. The top layer is ultra violet (UV) resistant so it does not get hot. It also has the lowest thermal transfer for any sloped roofing system.


Maintenance is not a problem with the EternaTile because it is mold-resistant and needs only light water pressure to clean the solar panels and restore their pristine appearance. Unlike ordinary but expensive tile, shake or slate that is easily damaged when trampled on, EternaTile is strong enough to be walked on.

Replaceable Solar Module

Most solar panels are installed on top of the roof, which is not the case for EternaTile. The solar module in EternaTile is built subordinate to the roof itself, which eliminates the need to remove the solar panels whenever a re-roofing or repair is required. An attractive feature of the product is the replaceable solar module design for easy and convenient replacement of damaged parts.

The top layer is projected to have a lifespan of more than 50 years. Confident on the product’s durability, its manufacturer sells the product with a lifetime warranty.

The outstanding qualities of EternaTile make it a smart choice for people looking for durable roofing materials with integrated solar panel module for extra energy-savings features.