A Look at Porter-Cable RN175B For Roofing Colorado Springs

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What are we looking for in a roofing nailer aside from it being powerful, efficient and durable? When you’re up on the roof and dealing with the pressure of getting things done right and whatever kind of weather you’re working under, you want a tool that is simple to use and easy to handle.

That is what the Porter-Cable RN175B for roofing Colorado Springs is offering with its compact body design that is 5 per cent lighter than its previous version. With this tool, you can expect better balance and control, making it easier for the user to handle and operate it.

And thanks to its rounded body, rubber grip, skid-resistant pads and wear guards, the Porter-Cable RN175B ensures the safety of the user and the tool as well. The rubber pads and guards prevent it from sliding down the roof when not in use.

The Porter-Cable RN175B is designed for a 15-degree, ¾ to 1-3/14-inch wire collated roofing nails, which enables it to handle a variety of roofing and siding projects. It also boasts a magazine with a capacity of 120 nails.

Similar to most roofing nailers, this tool has two firing modes—contact and single sequential. The shingle guide complements these two firing modes well as it locks down for consistent results and shingle spacing.

Boasts of Jam-Resisting Capability and Easy Loading

Another thing the Porter-Cable RN175B boasts of is its high chance to resist nail jamming, as well as its easy- and quick-loading capabilities, which speaks mostly for homeowners who want to do some minor fixes on their roofs. You can only imagine how frustrating it is for homeowners to find their tools jammed, or if they are unable to load it quickly enough without the help from a guide.

Its motor also features an exhaust diffuser that can be adjusted without the need for additional tools—another plus for non-professional operators of this handy little tool.

What more, it has a durable steel safety contact with dual carbide inserts that protects the tool from the usual wear and tear. This ensures that the Porter-Cable RN175B will last you for years without the need for repair or major maintenance.

Problems associated with this product include instances where the nails are left just partially driven. There were also a number of times where a user had a hard time loading nails.

All in all, the Porter-Cable RN175B is an all-around tool that is perfect for minor household repairs in roofing Colorado Springs. It is the most suitable roofing nailer for people without much experience holding a powerful tool such as this one. It is specifically created to offer ease of use, durability and power. If you are looking to add to your household tools, then this roofing nailer is just what you need.