Painting Your San Diego Roofing in Four Simple Steps

san diego roofing paint

We outlined in very simple steps the process of painting your San Diego roofing to make the job easier and more convenient.

Step 1—Choosing Your Paint

Various roofing materials require different types of paint. You can select from a wide variety of paints depending on your roof and budget. Water-based paint is suited for cement tiled roofs while the oil-based paint is great for metal roofs. Calculate the area of your roof and buy enough paint to apply at least two coats.

Step 2—Cleaning the Roof

Never immediately paint a roof without first cleaning it thoroughly. Paints do not strongly stick to the surface when the latter is ridden with dirt and grime. You will only be wasting precious time and money in repainting a poorly-done painting job.

An easy and relatively-fast way to clean the roof is through the use of a high-pressure water blaster. You must have the equipment to be able to use pressurized-water to clean the roof surface. You can borrow from friends or neighbors if you do not have one, or rent one from your local supply store.

You can also use a broom and a hose to clean the roof. You need to vigorously scrub hardened dirt on the surface or use commercially-available chemicals to soften and remove them. You can use ordinary household detergent to wash off grime and grease. Broom and water hose are good especially for roofs with smooth and flat surfaces. However, roofs with irregular shapes and designs are better cleaned off with high-pressure blaster since the water could get into all nooks and crannies that would otherwise be hard to reach with the use of a broom.

Step 3—Preparing to Paint

After cleaning the roof of dirt, you should now be looking for damaged or broken portion of the roof. For metal roofs, look for worn or rusty areas. Use wire brush to remove and loosen the rust. Next use an electric sander with coarse grade sandpaper and go over the brushed areas. For tiles and shingles, look for any cracked materials and replace them with new ones.

Step 4—Panting the Roof

Airless spraying is a relatively easy way to paint roofs. Do one section at a time. Spray paint an area about a meter wide and work your way down. You can use markings on the roof as guides. Once you finished down a particular section, go to the next one starting from the top. You can also use rollers and brush in painting your roof but it will take you a longer time to finish painting.