Cons of Choosing Mansard Style for Long Island Roofing

mansard roofing in fort lauderdale

Roofs are vital part of a building. People ordinarily think of the roof as that component of a house keeping the elements away from the interior and protect its occupants from the weather. Roofs, however, serve more than this basic purpose.

They contribute a major part in defining the overall style and look of a house. The style of most structures can easily be identified by the type of roofs that they have. Roofs also play a significant role in making a building “green” or environmentally-friendly. Some roofs even provide additional spaces in the attic area.

One such roof that gives homeowners extra space is the Mansard roof. Its design—almost vertical slopes on the lower part of the roof that could serve as walls for an additional room—makes it ideal for people looking for an expanded space on top of their homes.

While Mansard roof offers many advantages that other roof styles do not have including flexibility that it affords the owners for additional space in the future, it does have its disadvantages.

Here are the top three reasons why you should not choose Mansard style for your Long Island roofing:

1. High Construction Cost

One feature that makes Mansard roof a favorite among owners is its visual appeal. It exudes a classical elegance reminiscent of the French Renaissance era. However, this desirable quality of the Mansard also contributes to its negative appeal. Simply put, Mansard roof costs more than conventional roofs. The extra details and embellishments that go into the construction of the roof to give it that distinct period look make Mansard roof expensive.

2. Weak Weather Resistance

A Mansard has two slopes on each of the four sides of the roof, the lower part has a much steeper angle compared to the upper slope, which is almost flat. The upper slope is nearly similar to a flat roof with a very slight pitch to allow water to run off. Because of its design, Mansard roof is not ideal for places that experience high volumes of rainfall and snow. The upper slope does not allow for a rapid drainage of water and snow because of its shallow angle. Water ponding is a frequent occurrence, which could ultimately damage the roof and cause leaks into the interior of the building.

3. High Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a Mansard roof costs more than typical roofs because of the almost-flat angle of the upper slope, which makes it more susceptible to damage and other shortcomings inherent in a flat roof. While the cost of maintenance may not necessarily be expensive, the roof requires frequent upkeep that could increase the long-term maintenance cost of the house.

Benefits of Choosing a Mansard Style for Fort Lauderdale Roofing

mansard roofing in fort lauderdale

Mansard roof, also called French roof, is a style of Fort Lauderdale roofing characterized by four sides. Each side has two slopes—the lower slope is much steeper and almost vertical while the upper slope has a lower pitch, making it almost invisible from the ground looking up.

The roof design was popularized by French architect Francois Mansart in the early 17th century and became extremely fashionable during the Second French Empire. While he did not create the original design, Mansart helped popularize this style, which reflects characteristics of French Renaissance architecture.

An interesting story about the Mansard roof is the use of this design to evade taxes imposed by the French government during the early years when taxes were based on the number of floors below the roof. The extra space on the roof would be exempt from taxation under the old system.

Practical Reasons for Using Mansard Roofing

1. It affords a practical approach to constraints faced by builders in certain areas. For instance, in congested areas of major cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami, a Mansard roof allows contractors to maintain a practically-low cornice line while creating extra spaces or stories within the area covered by the wide roof design.

2. Many people prefer a Mansard roof because of its aesthetic looks. The roof design reflects classic architecture that radiates elegance and stylishness of past era. Several fast-food chains incorporate this style in the construction of their outlets, including McDonald’s. The style has simple frames and lines that exude an elegant and French-influenced appearance.

3. Perhaps the biggest benefit from incorporating a Mansard roof design is the creation of a wide attic space within the confine of the almost-vertical roof. The design presents a large space that most homeowners use as an apartment or extra room. The extra living space is automatically created on the roof without the necessity of building an additional room.

4. It provides flexibility for future additions in case homeowners decide to build another room on top of their homes. Since the sides of the Mansard roof are steeped, they act as walls for a future room in the attic. The design is suited for young couples who may later want to expand their homes by utilizing the large space in the attic once their families expand.

5. It increases the value of the house because the owner has the option to make additional living space in the attic should their needs change in the future.