Different Ways to be Ripped Off by Denver Roofing Contractors

denver roofing contractors

Engaging the services of Denver roofing contractors for difficult roofing work is not a straightforward undertaking. While most contractors are honest in their dealings, some roofers simply cannot be trusted. Knowing how to spot these dishonest contractors makes a difference between spending the right amount for the work required and losing hard-earned savings to unscrupulous contractors.

Using Shortcuts

Contractors can shorten the completion time of a project by saving on labor time through the use of shortcuts. Houses that are greatly damaged by hurricanes have poorly-secured roofing and substandard framing. The most common cause of shingles getting blown by strong winds is the inadequate use of fasteners. Shingles tend to buckle and eventually lift or separate when subjected to strong winds, which raises the risk of rainwater leakage. By skimping on the basics, roofing contractors manage to complete a project in record time while saving substantial money from the reduced number of materials and labor needed to finish the roof. The result is a poor and substandard work that is prone to all kinds of damage and disaster.

Baiting and Replacing

Dishonest contractors under a package contract with homeowner will intentionally wait until the project is well under way before advising their client that a certain product is no longer available, and offering a more expensive substitute or upgrade for the discontinued product.

Another common dishonest practice for roofing contractors is substituting low-end materials for the high-grade ones that were agreed upon. For instance, they could use galvanized nails instead of stainless steel nails in fastening cedar shingles. Distinguishing the difference between nails just by looking at the nail tops on the roof surface is difficult. Other contractors use sheet metal drip edge in place of aluminum drip edge, which most homeowners cannot easily distinguish.

Overpricing of Materials

Knowing the prices of the different materials that your contractor will be using on your house is advisable. Directly inquire from the suppliers the wholesale and retail prices of each item. If your contractor intends to add a markup on the prices, set a cap or limit in your contract to avoid overpaying for materials that could have been purchased at much-lower prices.

Skipping Preparations

Contractors can increase their profits and save on labor costs by skipping preparations. Roofing, painting jobs and wall/door installations are the more common works where violations of this kind are committed by dishonest contractors. Painters may skip on primer or paint only the newer seams. Roofers could apply substandard tar that dries out in a short time and fails to provide protection against leaks.

Times When Seattle Roofing Costs Could Get Really Expensive

seattle roofing costs

Maintaining your roof in good condition so that it lasts for years is not difficult. Periodic inspection and regular maintenance work are all it takes, and it does not cost much. Neglecting to observe proper roof maintenance will prove expensive in the long run.

We strongly recommend performing regular maintenance work on your roof. Immediately replace or repair damaged portions such as cracked shingles. The alternative could be total roof replacement.

We listed below factors that affect roofing costs to give you an idea how or why there are times when Seattle roofing costs could get really expensive.

1. Roof Size

Schedule all roofing jobs to be carried out at the same time. The more square foot of the roof that needs to be worked on, the less is the labor cost per square foot. If you plan to repair a portion of your roof, inspect the other areas to assess whether these could be included in your planned repair. Repairing the roof one area at a time will cost you more in the long term than having a large portion of your roof repaired at one time.

2. No Maintenance

Maintaining a wooden deck on your roof so it stays in tiptop shape costs less than $100 a year. Replacing one from the ground up costs thousands of dollars. Maintaining a deck is easy. Just keep it clean by removing leaves and dirt between the boards and applying sealant to keep moisture out of the wood and prevent rotting. Failure to follow simple maintenance procedure could make a big difference between spending a hundred dollars to throwing away thousands of dollars.

3. Roof Materials

Different roofing materials are available to the homeowners. Each one has distinct installation needs and demands its own equipment, expertise, support materials and method. Of course, prices also vary with some costing more than twice the price of the cheapest roof. For instance, metal roofs are expensive because of its installation cost, which requires special skills and training on the part of the contractors.

4. Complex Roof

Labor costs more and could push up your roof repair expenses if your roof is complex with installed chimney, skylight, dormers and sidewalls. Contractors have to work around these areas and install flashing on each one, which not only slow the progress of work but require more effort on their part.

5. Hiring Inexperienced Contractors

If you are planning on saving money on the repair of your roof, you can choose less expensive roofing materials or simpler designs with less styles and modifications. Never cut down on expense by hiring cheap labor. You may end up with inexperienced contractors and inferior work that would entail additional work – and more expenses – if not a total makeover just to restore your roof to acceptable condition.